Photo: Andy Milford

Resort Postcards

Photo: Andy Milford

Abandoned Hudson Valley is more than a handful of photographers and writers. AHV is a vibrant community of thousands of people who share a love of the abandoned and a core belief that the Hudson Valley – home of Bennett College, Wyndcliffe Mansion, Bannerman Castle and countless lesser-known but equally extraordinary places – is unique in what it offers. We function as a collective and look to members of our community to provide ideas, information, personal memories, and of course, photographs, to enrich the AHV experience.


We are always looking for people to help us keep the AHV machine oiled and running. If you are looking for a rewarding experience working with cool people, we invite you to be in contact with us. At this point, we are not offering paid positions, but opportunities to put your writing, marketing, curating, event planning and social media skills to work.


Abandoned Hudson Valley invites submission of photographs. Please post photos to our Facebook page, remembering to provide the location of the photo (if you are posting to the wall, you can provide a “loose description,” i.e. “warehouse,” “brickyard”), city or town, and when the photo was taken (year only is fine).  You may also send up to six photographs to us in a private message. To maintain a uniform high quality appearance, we ask that photographs be a minimum of 900 pixels wide. By submitting photographs you agree that Abandoned Hudson Valley may use your photographs on other platforms, including Instagram and Twitter. We can not be responsible for use and distribution of photographs by other entities once they are submitted. If you watermark your photographs, please do so in such a way that they remain visually appealing.


Abandoned Hudson Valley invites submission of story ideas, features and guest columns. Please use the contact form below to tell us about who you are and what you’d like to contribute.


We love when people share their memories of working in, owning or visiting these now-derelict places and would like to build an archive of these memories. If you are comfortable speaking into a video camera, why not record a few minutes of recollections? If you would prefer to write your memories down, share them with us using the comment form below. If you would like to be interviewed, that could be arranged as well. It is through these personal stories that forgotten places come back to life, so feel free to share.