Exploring Mold Manor: From Dream House to Toxic Nightmare

Set on a back road in the deep Catskill Mountains is a house that defies descriptions. Part suburban “dream home,” part mold-infested death trap, this sprawling residence looks like a little like the Brady Bunch house and a little like something out of the Black Lagoon.

Here’s what we know. It comes in at just over 8,000 square feet, with five massive bedrooms, six glitzy bathrooms, a kitchen featuring its own fry station, a wine cellar/panic room, landscaped grounds with algae encrusted swimming pool and pond (or “water features,” in real estate-ese) and lots more, including the obligatory dead animal.

With all that, what really sets this house apart is the spectacular amount of black mold that coats almost every surface. Floors, walls, ceilings, carpets, furniture – nothing is spared. This might explain why this once impressive home now sits vacant. With so much furniture still in place, our guess is the house was put up for sale at one point and staged for a quick sale. When no buyers came, in came the weather and then the mold, and then the dead wildlife. But why speculate. We may never know what happened that left this house so vulnerable to time and toxic mold. We just wonder if it could – or should – be saved?