Hudson River State Hospital Flyover

A very significant demolition and preservation update was recently released for the Hudson River State Hospital outlining both those buildings that are to be preserved and those to be demolished.
Read the details here: [Link via Preservationworks: Hudson]

In preparation the grounds have been cleared of scrub and overgrowth and the buildings are in the process of being secured. The end of an era for sure but the beginning of an interesting transformation of a beautiful campus.

Admin Building Lockdown ~ Photo: K. Terra


Back on New Year’s day we shot a lot of footage around the admin building with our new quadcopter as part of our learn to fly and not crash program. Not wanting to cut too much of this never to be seen again perspective, we present to you eight minutes of lightly edited darting to and fro, along with several meandering flyovers and the like. Start to finish is for the die hard fans only, else we suggest watching on your laptop or desktop in 1080 HD fullscreen and skipping back and forth. Go big and enjoy!