Sanita Hills: Summering with NYC’s Sanitation Workers

Nestled in the woods near Whaley Lake, NY, are the last vestiges of a one-time summer camp for NYC sanitation workers and their families. Charmingly called Sanita Hills (get it?), there is very little left to see of the decommissioned trolleys, called Pullmanettes, that were hauled up the hillside by tractor and used for sleeping quarters. According to local lore (actually Google), Camp Sanita Hills once boasted 32 Pullmanettes, each fitted with a bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. These wooden trolleys date from the 1890’s and were moved from NYC to Whaley Lake in the 1940’s. They were last used in the late 1970’s,  by which time the Sanita Hills camp property had transferred over to the Boy Scouts. After almost 20 years, the Boy Scouts pulled up stakes, leaving very little but memories.