Dressing Up the Doll House

Wishful thinkers speak in hushed tones of the supposed history of this dilapidated roadside attraction. Tales are told of its seedy past as a ‘gentlemen’s club’ whereas the reality is much more glamorous. They made doll houses and accessories!
Prior to this it had been a seasonal ski shop and antiques store as well as both a club and then a tavern. The doll house incarnation ran from 1979 until the mid 90’s when it closed down and the building has stood empty ever since.

Fast forward to September 2017 and signs of a fresh start are apparent.

Workers have cleared all the overgrown bushes, exposing the entire facade. Windows are being replaced and we can but presume a lot of renovating is underway inside. We chatted with the owner and she indicated that there are no clear usage plans at the moment. They just want to fix it up and flip it from abandoned to available.

We took a peek inside a few years ago. You can check out the album here.