A Walk in the Woods

We had but an off the cuff comment, a sketchy location and a tantalizing glimpse of a roof through the tree tops on Google maps but it was enough to discover two houses hidden deep within the thick woodland. Protected by brambles,  roots, rampant poison ivy and a swarm of bees were a humble house and something a little grander.

The smaller building was in a distressed state with gaping doors and windows, crumbling walls and a leaky roof. At least two swarms of bees had made their home in the walls so a quick and cautious survey was in order.


A few hundred yards away stood this somewhat grander property. The yard contained a rusting Farmall tractor and a large dog kennel and one could but wonder if the surrounding woodlands had at one time been open fields. Whatever view had once been enjoyed was now forgotten as the trees encroached upon the house itself. The interior was plain yet spacious. The rooms standing empty awaiting the inevitable storm that will bring the trees crashing in.